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document library.

This is where you'll find important documents in terms of recreation planning and development for Emerald. 

You'll also find links to communication and press below. 


Emerald District Strategy 2009

Emerald District Strategy from 2009. This is the last planned strategy for our local region. It's vital that we get this updated, Click HERE.

Worrell Reserve plan 2020

Click HERE

Puffing Billy Conservation Management Plan 

This document from 2018 details all of PB's assests and owned land. Click HERE

Emerald Community Facilities Spatial Plan

This document from 2014 "will guide Emerald’s community and recreation facilities in a coordinated way into the future. It will take into account the future need, community interest and desire for facilities in the area to make sure the best locations are available for each." click HERE

to EVA July 2021

Document to EVA July 2021 Click HERE

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