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"Pop Up" Skatepark

at old netball courts, Worrell Reserve

​EVER has proposed the use of the old netball courts at Worrell Reserve for a "pop up" style skate park. This is a relatively inexpensive way to give this space back to our community, and preserve it for a later date when our permanent structure is built at Worrell Reserve. This time frame of the permanent structure is not known at this stage, and there is currently no funding finalised. While this longer term project is in the pipelines, it makes sense to use this space after all, it's community land! 

EVER has pitched the idea to Cr. Jeff Springfield, and he has in turn pitched it to council. We are currently awating the formal "go ahead" after they inspect the site and determine that it's fit for use. It's obviously doing no good just sting there rotting, so we anticipate that this inspection will deliver a positive result. 

The "Pop Up" Skatepark idea was presented to the Emerald Village Association on 25 August 2021, and the group put forward a motin of support to council on our behalf. We are grateful to the EVA for their support!

The cost of the project is estimated to be about $25,000. We are currently crowd funding to show council that we are serious. Please donate by following the link:

Why do we need a pop up skatepark? 

  • For the mental health and well being of our local kids (no skatepark within 5kms, and kids making ad hoc skate ramps all over the place)

  • A great substitute while we plan and develop our planned skatepark at Worrell Reserve.

  • Quick and cost effective

  • Not permanent, and great trial to see if all the fuss of the skate park is warranted

  • Can be reused or relocated

  • Gives the community a change to cool off about a very hot topic, while we research funding and locations of permanent structures.

I have worked with Hita Mistry (local Psychologist) and Ben Kewish (local Physiotherapist) and then pitched this to our respecetd councillor Jeff Springfield, who has pitched it to Cardinia council executives and mayor. At this stage council has initiated "destop research" but are hampered by restrictions. We should start fundraising now to get this across the line. I have reached out for the support of the Emerald Village Association, and this was given wholeheartedly. Now we need to fundraise.


  • We wait to hear if this space is suitable for use (after 23 September, hopefully).


  • EVER group to research costs and configurations for the space- who wants to help?


  • Shelter is not suitable- decomission and turn into shaded seating?


  • Community Covid Relief grant would be suitable if they become available again- to be determined.


  • Cost of this project is roughly $25,000. Hills Physiotherapy has put forward $1000.


  • Community led project, how can council refuse us if we come to them with cash in hand?

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