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Emerald BMX Jumps Track

UPDATE 12 July 2023: Pepi's Land, Emerald Victoria-- created/last update 2003?

Council is at long last undertaking some upgrades at Pepi's Land BMX Track! 

They are seeking feedback until 31 July, and delivering the project by May 2024. Budget is $115,000. 

Dependent on the community’s preferences, this upgrade may include upgraded track features and improved useability of the area.  

This project will provide users with an upgraded bike track that is supported by surrounding activities including Pepi’s Land walking track, exercise stations, dog off-leash area, sporting facilities and the Eastern Dandenong Ranges Trail. 

Council will engage a suitably qualified professional to design and implement the upgraded Pepi’s Land BMX Track.  Your feedback will help to inform the concept design initially, and then the final design.   

Council will present the proposed concept design for community feedback to ensure we got it right, with construction to follow.  


Please visit

Feedback closes 31 July 2023.

EVER has requested this upgrade and advocated for it since September 2021, and are thrilled to see action! 


September 2021: Pepi's Land, Emerald Victoria-- created/last update 2003?

It's clear to see that the Emerald BMX and jumps circuit is non functional and in desperate need of a full redo. 

EVER will work to drive action here. We have already had a number of volunteers offer to complete this project for free- one of which is a professional BMX track builder. This projcet has been brought to council on a number of occasions and fallen on deaf ears. 

This space will one day be a fully redesigned multi challenge circuit for all skill levels. Seating, lighting, a small shelter and signage are necessary to make this a viable playspace. 

** UPDATE - Cardinia Council has confirmed that a pump style track will be placed at Pepi's Land in the 2022/23 FY. What a great result and we look forward to seeing it! **

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