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Emerald BMX Jumps Track

Pepi's Land, Emerald Victoria

created/last update 2003?

It's clear to see that the Emerald BMX and jumps circuit is non functional and in desperate need of a full redo. 

EVER will work to drive action here. We have already had a number of volunteers offer to complete this project for free- one of which is a professional BMX track builder. This projcet has been brought to council on a number of occasions and fallen on deaf ears. 

This space will one day be a fully redesigned multi challenge circuit for all skill levels. Seating, lighting, a small shelter and signage are necessary to make this a viable playspace. 

** UPDATE - Cardinia Council has confirmed that a pump style track will be placed at Pepi's Land in the 2022/23 FY. What a great result and we look forward to seeing it! **

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