Original Emerald skatepark removed in the early 1990's, it has never been replaced although multiple efforts have been made to accomplish this. Oh dear Emerald skatepark! 


Currently on the Worrell Reserve Master Plan 2019 but it has been defunded (or funds allocated somehere else, who actually knows...) and has now been listed as "to be built subject to finances". There is aslo rumour that the planned space is not "fit for purpose". 

EVER will work to drive the completion of a skatepark at Worrell Reserve as planned on the Worrell Reserve Master Plans 2016-2019, unless a better, more suitable location is revealed, and Cardinia Council and community groups can complete the project in a REALISTIC time frame.

Residents and local community groups have expressed a concen that the size of the skatepark is not correct in the master plan- currently the skate space is no bigger than one tennis court, this will have to be rethought. 

The Emerald Skatepark will feature modern suitable equipment for people of all skill levels and abilities, have suitable seating, shelter, lighting, toilet facilities and access to water. 

The original plan features adjascent playground and kickabout area. 

The development would activate our local library, the Hills Hub space, local buisnesses, and link the two ends of town together. 

Worrell_Landscape_MP._June_2020 Page 1 Snapshot.png