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UPDATE 6/06/2022

Final Concept plans are in, and next steps moving forward!

Project Update: Worrell Reserve Skatepark and Youth Plaza

Hey there, awesome community members of Emerald! 

A huge shoutout and a big thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts and feedback on the concept plan for the Worrell Reserve Skatepark and Youth Plaza. Your input has been incredible, and we're truly grateful for your participation.

The response to the concept design has been overwhelmingly positive, which is just amazing! Council and the superstar designers at Baseplate made some minor tweaks to the skatepark street course area based on your suggestions, and we're thrilled with the final design. They also took our comments about the bowl into consideration and redesigned it to make it even better for our community.

They carefully reviewed the skill levels throughout the skatepark, and as a result decided to flip the street course. This provides a natural progression from the Youth Plaza and beginner elements to intermediate features and an advanced bowl. Everyone will find something they love!

Now, here's the deal: The skatepark is a go thanks to the grant funding from the State Government. However, the Youth Plaza is not covered by the grant. So, we're taking a staged approach. In Stage 1, we'll build the full skatepark, including shelters, paths, a drinking fountain, and seating. To create a Youth Plaza in the meantime, we'll repurpose one of the existing netball courts into a multi-use area. Once we have the funding, we'll move on to Stage 2 and bring the proposed new Youth Plaza to life.

If you're interested in diving deeper into the project, head over to Cardinia Councils page here. You'll find the community consultation summary and final design waiting for you.

Exciting times ahead! Detailed design work is kicking off, and council is aiming to start construction in late 2024. Get ready to witness the magic unfold at Worrell Reserve!

Thank you once again for being incredible supporters and contributors. We're creating a fantastic space for our community, and we couldn't do it without you.

Final_Concept_Design_Worrell_Reserve_Skatepark_and_Youth_Plaza_2023-04-12 Page 11 22.png

UPDATE 10/06/2022

SUCCESS!!! The Emerald skate park receives a grant of ONE MILLION DOLLARS for design, development and implementation on 6 May 2022. 


A huge thank you to James Merlino, Harriet Shing MP, and the state government of Victoria! More to come! 


UPDATE 23/04/2022

Despite believing that the Worrell Reserve Master-plan Skate Park and recreation area were to be included on Cardinia Council's Draft Budget of 2022, we have been "overlooked".


The next step is for the families and residents of Emerald to apply en masse to the Cardinia Councils feedback section to have this added back onto the final budget due in 2022. This can be done here: 


The feedback submissions close by 11 May 2022

It's important to include the following words in your feedback: 

"I would like to see the Worrell Reserve Master plan, SPECIFICALLY the Skate park and Youth Recreation Area DESIGN AND BUILD added to the formal council budget in June 2022."

Let's do this for our kids, it only takes a few minutes of your time, and could mean that we have a local place for our kids to scooter and skate. We have never been this close and need your help to get it over the line. 


** The EVER group is currently driving action the bring the funding forward for the implementation of the Worrell Reserve Master-plan, via a campaign here:














Original Emerald skate-park removed in the early 1990's, it has never been replaced although multiple efforts have been made to accomplish this. Oh dear Emerald skate-park! 


Currently on the Worrell Reserve Master Plan 2019 but it has been defunded (or funds allocated somewhere else, who actually knows...) and has now been listed as "to be built subject to finances". 

EVER will work to drive the completion of a skate-park at Worrell Reserve as planned on the Worrell Reserve Master Plans 2016-2019, unless a better, more suitable location is revealed, and Cardinia Council and community groups can complete the project in a REALISTIC time frame.

The Emerald Skate-park will feature modern suitable equipment for people of all skill levels and abilities, have suitable seating, shelter, lighting, toilet facilities and access to water. 

The original plan features adjacent playground and kick-about area. 

The development would activate our local library, the Hills Hub space, local businesses, and link the two ends of town together. 

** The EVER group is currently driving action the bring the funding forward for the implementation of the Worrell Reserve Master-plan, via a campaign here: 

It's go time. Here's the petition to see if we can get funding moved forward to implement the Worrell Reserve Master-plan, which includes a skate-park and kick about area*

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